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Be Healthy

We want to help kids be active and healthy. Believe it or not, running improves your health, boosts confidence, relieves stress, eliminates depression, helps lose weight and can even prevent disease. Virtual Kids Run helps introduce the good healthy habit of running into kids lives, one that they will carry into the rest of their lives to stay healthy.

Awesome Trophy

One of the best things about running a race is getting an awesome collectors medal or trophy when you finish. It is proof that you accomplished something special, you earned the reward of a medal. Hang it up on your wall or on display!

Giving Back

When you register for a Virtual Kids Run a portion of the proceeds will go to a charitable cause specified for each medal or trophy.  Plus a portion will go to the development of Global Adventure Kids. A charity will be helping kids in need around the world.


Wildlife Waystation Series

A series of Virtual Run's that benefit exotic and wild rescue animals at the Wildlife Waystation. Choose a wild animal virtual race below and get exclusive 3D printed collectors trophy of the wild animal race you run. Collect all the wild animals!

Mia the Leopard

3D printed collectors trophy
Date: Anytime, Anywhere
Charity: Wildlife Waystation

Karma the Tiger

3D printed collectors trophy
Charity: Wildlife Waystation

Ginny the Wolf

3D printed collectors trophy
Charity: Wildlife Waystation

New Global Adventure Series

Participate in the following real races as a virtual runner to earn the awesome medal and race goodies, or choose to attend the races and run them in person. Virtual runners will have their medals and race goodies sent the week fo the race.


Half Marathon / 10K / 5K
Date: October 16, 2016
Charity: Global Adventure Kids


50K Ultra / Half Marathon / 10K
Date: March 25, 2017
Charity: Global Adventure Kids

Sugar Daddy

Half Marathon / 10K / 5K / Kids Fun Run
Date: June 17, 2017
Charity: Global Adventure Kids


Have your results recorded in the history books with Virtual Kids Run. Post each of your results along with an optional photo, then share your results with friends and family to show off your accomplishment for running a virtual race!

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Wildlife Waystation

The Wildlife Waystation is a 160-acre private animal sanctuary located in the Angeles National Forest just north of Los Angeles, California. Home to over 400 wild and exotic animals comprising over 125 different species. The dedicated staff and volunteers are devoted to providing a place of refuge, healing and safety for animals in need. This sanctuary is supported solely by the generous donations of individuals and foundations worldwide.

Global Adventure Kids

A cause for the establishment of primary schools in rural areas of need. To provide the resources and tools to build new schools, deliver educational materials including books, tablets, and computers. Giving the children the power to learn and grow. The first project will be in YuBeng Village of Deqin County in Southern China. By participating in Virtual Kids Run each month, you are helping to contribute to this cause.


Grab your running shoes and get started today, it’s as easy as 1-2-3. Simply register for one or all virtual races and begin earning your collector medals & trophies today!