Our organization, New Global Adventures, believes that we need to give back to the world. No matter how little, every dollar helps to make a difference for those in need. While our events focus is about giving runners an amazing race experience, we also want to give back to our local community and when possible to those in need around the world.

By participating in a Virtual Kids Run, you will be supporting one more of the following charities. We have a soft spot for animals and kids in need. Help make a difference. A portion of the Virtual Kids Run proceeds will go to these charities, plus you can choose to make an additional donation when registering, of which 100% will go to the charity of your choice.

Wildlife Waystation



Global Adventure Kids is a cause that is close to our hearts to help kids in rural locations to provide education resources for their future. Giving tools to build new schools, bring educational materials such as books and tablets. The initial project will provide support in Yubeng, China, near the location of our sister race, SHANGRI-LA Marathon, in the eastern Himalayas in the Yunnan province of China.

CHOWCHOW.ORG is a community resource dedicated to the betterment of the Chow Chow breed of dogs. Providing resources and connections that lead to helping rescue and place Chow Chows in need around the world. Also providing a destination for education, information, and a global community that allows Chow Chow owners to better care and raise their Chow Chows to be well socialized, healthy and loyal pets.



The entry proceeds break down into multiple categories that allow Virtual Kids Run to exists and create amazing medals, trophies, and goodies for participants while supporting the organization and giving back to the charities.

There are many logistics involved, the general breakdown includes research and development, materials and manufacturing, supporting staff, overhead, marketing and charity contributions.

At the end of each quarter, we review the overall proceeds and send out the charity donations. Then if there are additional funds left over, we determine how they can be applied. A portion will be allocated towards research and development of new virtual and real race events, better medals and trophies for participants, and extra funds will be contributed the charitable causes.

Those who are happiest are those who do the most for others.

—Booker T. Washington



Want us work with your charity to help raise funds for a good cause through our Virtual Kids Run or through our real races? Contact us with your ideas and we can evaluate if it is something we can work on together.


Want to volunteer at one of our races? We are always looking for awesome people who can help to give back to create a great race experience for runners while giving back to the community.


Grab your running shoes and get started today, it’s as easy as 1-2-3. Simply register for one or all virtual races and begin earning your collector medals & trophies today!